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Atlantis Surf Camp indeed has its impact with tourism, which is why we have decided to offer our beloved guests the opportunity to give something back to the island. 

As you may understand, our activity engenders a considerate use of energy and a certain human footprint on our land.

This is caused by many factors which include the transport to get to us or to the surf spots, the creation of rubbish inside the hostel, the energy production of making a surfboard, wetsuit or even surf wax... 

For many years, our local beaches have struggled to stay clean due to irresponsible attitudes of some people, currents and poor recycling infrastructure.


This is where we have decided to act and do something about it with the help of our guests. Dressed up as pirate raiders and looking to have a fun time, we set "sail" to our northern beaches equipped with gloves and bags on a quest to find glorious "rubbish treasures"... 

After filling up as much as we can in our bags, we take the time to weigh our victory and then proceed to carefully get rid of the trash in the corresponding recycling points


For every guest that visits us, they can join for FREE on our Beach Raids and get their chance to play their part for our island. New Beach Raids get organized every week so make sure you don't miss out!

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-04 at 10.54.06.jpeg


As of today, Atlantis Surf Camp and our guests have gathered and recycled over 341kg of rubbish from the beaches of our North Shore.


Have a look at what some of the area's beaches were affected and how we helped to rid them of these atrocious looks... 

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